Gura Gear Kiboko 22L+. Day 2.

So, I got a new Gura Gear bag, highly praised and considered a ‘holy grail’ by many. And I am traveling with it – plane, automobile and feet. I quickly started noticing that the bag is not very comfortable on my back, no matter what sort of adjustments I make. Sure, it wasn’t light, but what’s the point of spending all that money and carrying a point-and-shoot camera in a big bag? The bag was sitting quite high on my back and it seemed like all the weight was on my shoulders. I was starting to get concerned, but decided not to make quick decisions and try it out more.

Then walking came around – I was in Vancouver and went out for a walk with my camera (with half the original weight in it) and after couple of hours shooting (carrying bag around with few lenses, filters and sometimes a tripod) I started noticing that my shoulders get more and more tender and tired, my neck started to feel uncomfortable and the back was getting in on the pain. And I should say that I’m not totally out of shape – going to a gym all the time, working out and trying to keep myself in check.

By the end of day 2 I started thinking that the bag is not what everyone has been raving about. Sure, it’s built out of nice material. Sure, it’s got a neat butterfly construction. But it is not comfortable. Well, lets see what next few days bring.

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