Gura Gear Kiboko 22L+. Days 3-5.

By this time I have already had my doubts. I started realizing that this bag does not work for me. I was actually surprised that it works for anyone. It is NOT comfortable and for the price they charge this thing needs to be a next best thing to a cloud in a sky and do everything except, maybe, shaving you in the morning. But not only it doesn’t help you with your facial hair, it also doesn’t make a job of city walking with some gear comfortable. And I should say that I had 3 small lenses – all of them DX, no FX lenses or big zooms.

Besides that the bag misses a lot of little things that would make it more usable. It has some illogical design features that make small extra pockets even smaller – the rain cover, for some strange reason, is located in one such pocket, making the pocket much less usable. Tripod attachment system is alright, but nothing spectacular. There are no little hooks or loops for attaching small items while on the go. I can continue on, but I think I can stop here.

Once I came back I returned the bag. I always try to take very good care of my possessions so the bag was in impeccable state. Since then I started looking for another bag realizing that probably there is no such thing as ‘holy grail’ of photography bags. At this moment I switched to Lowepro Pro Trekker 400 AW, which is not ideal, but feels hundred times more comfortable with all the gear in it. Sure, it’s not as slick at Gura Gear, but at the end of the day you have to make compromises. And hopefully this bag will work for me better than Kiboko 22L+.

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