D800 focusing issue. The beginning.

So, it’s been few months since I got my D800. Unfortunately there are issues with the camera – quite infamous focusing issue with left group of focusing sensors. What is even more unfortunate is that Nikon completely denies any problems related to this widely known and proven issue and does not take any responsibility that one would expect from a well know company.

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So far I’ve had good and bad with the camera. Seems like I get some issues every now and then. I guess mostly because this camera is still too much for me – I’m trying to learn it and photography in general. Will try to post some of the pictures I took while being absent from here really soon.

NEF codecs for Windows

If you have a Nikon camera and shoot raw, then you may benefit from NEF codecs for Windows from Nikon itself. These codecs allow Windows to display your raw files in Windows Explorer or Windows Photo Viewer, so you don’t need to launch heavy software to simply view your images.

The installer for the codecs can be downloaded from Nikon’s website here.

D800 Reviews

I figured I will post interesting reviews that are worth reading about D800. May be a good list of resources down the road.

  • NatureScapes review by one of the biggest authors of the site and forums there – E.J. Peiker


Nikon D800

It is here. It is amazing from those few brief moments that I had with it. I hope to be able to spend more time shooting next week – late May, early June. And, weather and location permitting – even more shooting during the month of June.

A lot of things are different from my older camera and there is no surprise in that. I guess it will take me some time before I am comfortable with this beast of a camera and am capable of using it to the extent it requires to get decent photographs. Then there is a question of lenses – moving from a DX camera gets even more expensive if you don’t have any FX lenses (like me). At this point I am not 100% positive on the selection of lenses I would need/want, so I am taking it slow. Hopefully this will save me a lot of cash and help me learn the camera and photography in general even better. One can only hope :)

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