Adding NEF preview to Linux Mint file manager Nemo

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If you want to be able to preview NEF (Nikon raw) images in Linux Mint’s file manager Nemo, you need to do the following:

  1. Open Preferences window for Nemo file manager from Edit -> Preferences menu
  2. Switch to Preview tab within the Preferences window
  3. Set “Show Thumbnails” to Always if you want to show thumbnails on remote drives
  4. Set “Only for files smaller than” to 100 MB
  5. Install the following packages from Software Manager UI:
    • gnome-raw-thumbnailer
    • libopenraw1
    • libopenrawgnome1

Note: Browsing remote/network directories will be sloooooooow if you enable thumbnails for remote drives.

NEF codecs for Windows

If you have a Nikon camera and shoot raw, then you may benefit from NEF codecs for Windows from Nikon itself. These codecs allow Windows to display your raw files in Windows Explorer or Windows Photo Viewer, so you don’t need to launch heavy software to simply view your images.

The installer for the codecs can be downloaded from Nikon’s website here.

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