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Welcome and I hope you will find this yet another homepage either useful or entertaining. Feel free to browse my photographs (don’t be too harsh on me as I’m just learning the very basics of photography) and read my blog, if you feel like wasting your time on random ramblings.


Software Development

Software development related subjects discussed and information shared. Hopefully the information here helps someone or provides an insight into what I find interesting in the field of software development. Check it out»


Most of us have things they do outside of work. Some really don't have time for hobbies, others spend all of their time doing something besides 8-5. I'm really neither here nor there - I do few things on and off, based on time I've got and how I feel at the moment. One of the things I like to do sometimes is photography. I'm really bad at that, but like taking pictures nonetheless. I'm not so good with posting the pictures, but maybe with time I'll use my blog as a place where I can share some of my photos. Learn More»

Random stuff

Anything, really. Something should be there, I'm sure. Anything?»
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